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About Dr. Franz Spitzer, MD

MD and DVM

Dr. Franz studied veterinary medicine in Germany. In addition to his MD, he earned a doctoral degree of veterinary medicine (DVM) researching carnivore nutrition.

Online workshops

Dr. Franz holds physical and online workshops teaching his clients how they can save money by re-focusing on their dogs’ health and consequently reducing the amount of vet visits and increasing lifespan.

First online vet practice

Dr. Franz is the first DVM to open an online practice and purely focus on helping dogs and owners online.


Knows where he stands

Since he stopped working at a clinic and became an online vet, Dr. Franz is completely independent of corporate influence from the pharma and dog food industry.

The prophylaxis system for long-lasting dog health

There is an approach to dog health, which keeps your animal naturally healthy with little effort from your side. I have developed a system that will allow you to keep your pet healthy without any nutritional deficiencies. And best of all, your puppy will never go hungry and the whole thing is still incredibly healthy for your dog.